Service Providers, Utilities
and Miscellaneous Information

If you are new to our area here is some useful information for obtaining new residential service or contractors in our area.


APS - Electricity 800-253-9405
AT&T - Telephone 800-288-2747
CenturyLink - Telephone 800-244-1111
Matlock Gas - Propane 928-474-1193
Northern Gas - Propane 928-474-3334
Semstream - Propane 928-474-2294
Dish Network - TV 888-547-8957
DirecTV - TV  800-783-1376

As we all know, good help is hard to find so if you have dealt with a service provider that has provided excellent service for you please send an email to and we'll post their information here for other community members to take advantage of.


Water Wheel Fire and Medical 
10603 N. Houston Mesa Rd   Emergency number -  911
office - 928 474-3088

To report a wildfire - 866  746- 6516

Gila County Sheriff - 928  474 -2208


Bonita Creek

Bonita Creek Unit II

Bonita Creek Ranch

Bonita Creek Ranch No 2

Community Information Page

Bonita Creek Trail Bridge

Bonita Creek Book Nook

Bonita Creek Trail Bridge

Bonita Creek Water Tanks

Bonita Creek Sign

We are looking for community members who would be willing to have their name listed here as a contact in case one of our neighbors has a problem and needs to call someone. If you would be willing to be on this contact list please let us know. Email


2018 Community Improvement Projects

  • Installation of a new community entrance sign
  • Flood damage repair of the water company intake:(4 times!)  Ken Nagy, Kyle DiSilvestro, Mark Yarish, Dieter Armbruster, Jack Helzer, Tim Mattison,  Mike Lynch, Mark Lynch,  Bill Glaunsinger, 
  • Installation of a new LT2 filter in pump house - Ken Nagy, Tim Mattison
  • Maintenance of  2 mile trail to spring: Lori Lynch, Lorna Glaunsinger
  • Management of property owner firewire thinning projects and National Firewire Community designation requirements - Mark Yarish, Lorna Glaunsinger
  • Donation to WWMFD from a community homeowner to cover the building of  the Bonita Creek Fire substation

2019 Community Projects

  • Permitting completed for the Bonita Creek fire station 74 and building is  in progress at corner of Myrtle Point and Antelope.
  • A new entrance fence installed this summer from community donations - Kyle Disilvestro
  • Postponed repairing cattle fence as cattle are not rotated into the Bonita Pasture this year.
  • Replacement of sand filter in pump house is planned for fall 
    - Volunteers needed.
  • Bonita Creek trail has been weedeated up to the spring